Pages/Visit Goals: Why are They Important?

What are Pages/Visit Goals?

Pages/Visit goals is a tool on google analytics that helps a business owner track the number of pages that each visitor sees before they leave the site. When setting this goal up, you can either select greater than or less than for an amount of pages visited. If you choose the greater than, that means you just want to see engagement on the site. You would use less than to see if they actually went through each page (effectiveness of site). Although this tool is simple, it can help businesses redesign their website if they get negative data.

How Can This Help ProjectDigital?

This tool can be a large help because if implemented with the greater than function, the owner could see if people are actually navigating the site instead of leaving after they hit the home page. If they use the less than function on specific posts, then the owner would be able to see if people are actually clicking through to read the posts. If they get information back that people aren’t visiting a certain number of pages or if they are not meeting their goal, then they could change the layout to convince people to click through.

For more information on goal types, take a look at this article.

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