Page/Visit Goals: How it Helps Your Business

Page/Visit Goals

This goal has a focus on tracking the amount of pages viewed by the user before they leave your page. This is a very help goal to track because it shows you how successful your page is at capturing user’s attention and then how well you are able to hold their attention. This is best for customer support in the sense that you can see if your customers or potential customers are satisfied with what they find on your site. This information can be helpful to gain or maintain satisfied users, and allow you to learn what to adjust in order to improve your page. Page views can be helpful for every business and can help us while using Project Digital. We would be able to set up a goal to track and see how well we are doing at getting people to view or site and blogs. The goal would tell use the data and allows us to understand how we might increase the page views to the blogs we write. If we want more views, we could add to our titles in order to encourage more involvement. Then to keep users on the page, we could try to add helpful information at the start to keep them on the pages. All the data given by a Page/Visit goal will help our class understand what else we can do to create more involvement with our blogs.

How to Set and Understand this Goal

First, set your goal as active and choose your goal type as “Pages/Visit”. This will let Google Analytics know what you are looking for and will give you the data based on what parameters you choose. The Goal details ask you to choose what you are looking for, which would be “Pages visited” on your site, the Condition and the Number of Pages Visited. Any of the options provided for each category provide different information for different tasks you are looking to achieve. For the Condition section, you can choose between greater than, equal to, or less than. ‘Greater than’ would be best if you were choosing to measure engagement, while ‘less than’ would allow you to measure the effectiveness of you site. The Number of Pages is really due to preference and what amount of pages you want to know are being viewed by users.

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