The Benefits of Old and New Search Console

The Benefits of “Report or Tools” and “Legacy” Tools

First off, the Report or tools are considered the old search consoles and the legacy tools would be considered the new search consoles. Both search consoles are beneficial for websites to keep track of how their website is operating. Both are very useful to see how successful the website is running. An old tool that is used to keep track of this is called Performance Reports, which tracks the amount of people see your website and also how many people click on your website after viewing it. a helpful new tool or “Legacy” tool is called the Crawl Stats, which basically showing how often your site shows up in google and how many requests it is making.

How Search Console can Benefit your site

With the popularity and importance of company websites it is crucial that SEO’s can manage and operate a website and have the technology to see what is wrong with the site and how to improve. Google search is a helpful and reliable site to track your websites performance once up and running. This article I found explains the process of setting up your search account and how to use each tool step by step. this article also goes through the benefits of using search.

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