Paid vs Free Keywords

Both organic and paid keywords are important to the success of a business’ marketing campaign.  Each of these techniques provide a different outcome.  For example, organic keywords will continue to put you and your business in front of the customers 24/7 but it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right keywords for your campaign.  While this does not have a monetary value connected to it directly, it does take time to figure it out.  Paid keywords have a similar outcome to organic keywords but they take less time to figure out because they are paid for.  However, when they do not get paid for, the ad is removed from the customers view.  This differs from the organic keywords because the organic keywords will not be removed after a certain amount of time.  According to the article, SEO vs. PPC: Are You Making the Most of Them? By Connor Lahey, Google’s organic results attract ten times the amount of clicks than paid results do.  Organic searches take more time to optimize and do well than paid searches do but they are cheaper and more effective in the long run than PPC campaigns. For many businesses, Organic may be a better option than paying for keywords.

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