Creating Successful Ad Campaigns

Just Do It… Correctly

It sounds super generic, but the first idea that pops into my mind when I think about a famous ad campaign is the lady wearing all white using a price tool. That’s all I need to say before you hear the entire Progressive Insurance commercial in your head. The woman in white playing “Flo” will probably never be hired to play another character again, because the ad campaign is so successful and has basically branded her as the Progressive Insurance lady. They continued to use this concept commercial after commercial and billboard after billboard.  There are many companies, like Nike (athletes overcoming adversity) and Coke (share a coke), that have nationwide ad campaigns known to all. SO the question lies, how does one create a successful campaign across multiple channels?

How do we do this?

First, we must recognize the characteristics of a successful ad campaign. Metrix lab proposes that brand recall and mental availability are key factors, stating, “For an ad to successfully drive business results, consumers should be able to connect the brand to the creative (brand recall). The most successful ads also clearly convey a message that viewers are able to recall in critical situations (mental availability) ( .” If we take a look back, that is exactly what is going on when we think of certain characters or plot concepts from an advertisement campaign. I feel a good campaign definitely needs both of these things. I have watched commercials that are memorable, without any knowledge of what was being advertised. I have also watched many advertisements that just aren’t memorable.

When it comes to digital advertisement on internet platforms, one must look at how Google functions. An important thing noted by Google is that you should not attempt to tag organic keyword links from search engines. Google recommends that you only tag what you need. I feel that when creating a campaign I would look at my content and pick out a few tags that will stick with my audience, rather than a handful of ones that have no further meaning. Also, when creating my URL, I will make it clear and concise. Google says that you“generally need to use only Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name.” 

If you can create a strong campaign that will naturally stick with your audience and will keep them forever remembering your company, you will be a success if you can thoughtfully and knowledgeable upload this campaign.

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