The synchrony of Paid and Organic search data

Establishing the difference between Organic Search Data and Paid Search Data

When trying to gain more website traffic, it would be wise as a digital marketer to consider investing in both organic and paid searches. The combination of both could set you apart from competitors and provide more visits on your page. Both Organic and Paid search data are the medium digital marketers can use to generate website traffic and increase page clicks to their website. Organic searches are unpaid and are determined by optimizing search engine keywords, they can be optimized via SEO practices. Paid search data can be found through Google ads. Google ads are any paid searches that are being used to promote your good or service using the specific ad and search console data.

Let’s get it together!

Organic search data is a given for companies since it will use keywords to appear in a search. Paid search data is what any aspiring company should invest in because it will get your brand name out on the internet on various platforms like, Instagram, twitter, youtube, Facebook to just name a few. Organic search data can “sync” up with Paid search data by allowing us to analyze the demographics (gender & age) of the viewing audience so advertisers can determine a more exact target market. Once the target market is more clear, we can now project the paid ads (google ads) onto the desired group to increase sales for the company. All in all: this is a work smarter, not harder scenario for digital marketers. Take advantage of the ad opportunities you have right in front of you!

For more information on how to integrate both SEO and PPC check out this video:

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