Behavior Reports = SUCCESS

Google Analytics ‘Behavior Reports’ allow individuals to track and monitor how users are reacting to the content on their site. You are able to track numerous factors. Some of which being; page views, unique page views, average time on page, and even the bounce rate. All of this information is so critical when attempting to decipher which content is more appealing to your audience. Seeing what works and implementing more of it will allow your site to become better tailored to your aduceince. Which in return, will manifest populality and success for your site.

One of the most interesting features of Behavior Reporting is the, ‘Behavior Flow’ option. Behavior Flow is essentially a chart that illustrates the path users take on your site. This is so useful considering you can see which content causes users to exit your site.

Below I have attached an image depicting a Behavior Flow.

In an article entitled How to Use Tools to Determine Which Content to Re-Optimize: A Step-by-Step Guide by Jeff Baker; Baker stresses the importance of knowing your audience and catering your content to them. Within the article it is apparent that analyzing your audience is quite time consuming. Audience Reports allow for this process to become much more accurate and simplified.

Below I have attached the article by Jeff Baker. I highly recommend you take a look at this article!

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