Safety and Sanitation: Why it Matters

Walmart’s Upcoming Safety and Sanitation Campaign

Safety and sanitation matter now more than ever due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal through Walmart’s upcoming health and safety campaign is to help keep our communities safe by providing cleaning supplies and personal protective gear to schools that are reopening. Through this, we hope to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the virus’s opportunities to reproduce and infect others. Our efforts are based on the CDC’s recommendations on how to protect yourself and others. Our approach mainly involves providing masks and cleaning supplies to schools as they reopen for in-person classes. The masks we provide will help stem the spread of respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth. In addition, the cleaning supplies we will provide are to help disinfect high-touch areas. These items directly promote safety and sanitation in schools, and can help make the reopening process more reassuring to those involved.

Tennesseans Can Get Free Cloth Face Mask at Local Health Department -  Rutherford Source
Cloth Face Masks – Photo by @veradavidovaphotography

Why We Care

We chose to do this campaign because of the deep importance of safety and sanitation to our communities. Having faced the COVID-19 pandemic for several months now, our communities have seen how dangerous the novel coronavirus is. However, we have also seen the negative effects that the lack of engagement through online learning has had for students. Schools play a large part in the social, emotional, and behavioral health of children, and affect them in many other ways. The CDC’s website has more information about the importance of schools here: Despite the inevitable challenges that schools will face as they reopen, we are committed to helping them reopen safely during this challenging time.

You can read more about Walmart’s health and safety campaign at our website:

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