How Fair Trade Betters Our Communities

This blog talks about how Starbucks helps those they are in fair trade partnerships with.

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Why does Starbucks choose fair trade?

Starbucks gives back to our farmers and coffee communities that we are in partnership with. By doing this, our coffee can only get better. Thanks to our loyal customers, we’re able to donate and better our fair trade policies.

Fair trade coffee farmers in Northern Peru.

We are extra thankful for our fair trade farms that take care of their farmers and their communities. Starbucks is dedicated to helping coffee communities that may not have the best farming gear and machinery. Not only is this a plus for the farmers, our fair trade policies help keep the environment cleaner too, so that our customers can enjoy eco-friendly farm-to-cup coffee.

The communities getting back what they give is a huge reason of why Starbucks has some of the best partnerships in the industry. Most importantly, the farmers are able to work with better quality gear. Keeping our farmers happy and our communities comfortable, our fair trade policies are what we are proud of.

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