Winter is Here: Grab These Must-Have Products

Winter is coming…

With winter fast approaching, what better time is there but now to stock up on the products that a young child will need to make it through their first (or second) winter. Also, keep in mind the possibility to donate these products with our own donation service or to a local shelter that could utilize them. Below is the link to these resources.

Product #3: Soap and Fragrance-Free Cleansers

According to A Little Too Loud, a baby’s skin is much more likely to chap and crack during the winter months. One way to prevent this is to stay away from soaps and fragrances as much as possible during these months. Our Head-To-Toe Baby Cleansing Wipes are a great choice for winter because they fall under both of these categories. Check out more about the product below.

Johnson's Baby head-To-Toe Baby Soap and Fragrance-Free Cleansing Wipes

Product #2: Moisturizers with Water and Oil

Like with cleansers, make sure to stay away from fragrances in moisturizers, especially during the winter months. For the winter months, our whole lotion line would work as the perfect moisturizer for a baby’s need, as it is all hypoallergenic. This means that even if a fragrance is present, it will not irritate the skin

Johnson Baby's line of lotions. All lotions are hypoallergenic so no fragrances will irritate skin.

Product #1: Baby Powder

As everyone knows that with the winter months when it gets cold, the layers come out. This layering is great to protect babies and toddlers from the elements. However, too much layering can cause skin irritation for a developing child due to tightness and rubbing. We always recommend baby powder, but it is extra important during these months. Any of the powders in our line would work perfectly for any irritation issues.

Johnson Baby's line of baby powder will help young children clear up skin irritation from overlaying.

A Winter Solstice Warning

As always, we recommend having the whole line of our products for babies or toddlers. However, it is especially important to do so during the harsh winter month to make sure development continues and flourishes. Remember to think about those who may not be able to afford these products and make donations to help these children in need.

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