After reading the article: I am understanding segmentation within marketing better than before. Based on the company examples given, I am interested in creating a form to collect information for the company Hinge. Hinge is an online dating app that helps people connect to singles near them. Hinge already has a lot of questions after consumers download or sign up for their site. They ask you about your hobbies, what you are looking for, your location, name, age, and gender. 

Personally I would start by segmenting the email list into people who are looking for men and people who are looking for women. There can also be an option for both genders as well. For an email to people looking for men, we might say “we have some amazing men ready to sweep you off your feet, sign up today.” While for the men we would phrase it a different way “your future wife might be waiting for you, you won’t know until you sign up.” Obviously we would just try to make the gander they are looking for sound very appealing and that they will find them without help. 

The more we know about someone and the more segmentation we have the better we can advertise to you specifically. With more information, we can also show you more people who have the same interests, values, and preferences as well. 

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