Application of STP to email campaigns

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What is segmentation?

In digital marketing, the concept of segmentation is used thoroughly to gauge interest and conversions from their aimed audiences. The concept of segmentation is defined as putting buyers into certain groups whether it is based on aspects such as gender, geographic location, needs, and etc. By using STP helps you better target your audience better and serve their needs.

Examples of segmentation

In the article The Marketer’s Guide to Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning ( I am understanding examples of segmentation that I would have never understood before. An example I will be presenting is Panera Bread and potentially collect more information about the company. Panera Bread is a chain here in the U.S that is known as a “fast-casual restaurant”. What Panera is most known for is its variety of healthy meal options which a lot of similar style restaurants lack. To segment Panera Bread what I would do is separate consumers based on two options. Whether they are looking for healthier food options or if they simply are just looking for a quick bite to eat. A phrase I would say for the “healthier food group” would be something like “A healthy, nutritious meal is one click away”! While for the “Fast food group” it would say “Looking for a quick bite, click here”! The use of certain adjectives can potentially allow our consumers to be more intrigued to buy food from Panera Bread. By using segmentation here at Panera Bread it can allow us to advertise better and understand the concerns of consumers they may potentially have.

The Marketer’s Guide to Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning (

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