Self-Promotion and Authenticity

In order to generate a hype or buzz about a new product or campaign, I feel as though a brand should have some level of self-promotion initially. I believe that self-promotion through a brand’s social media platform is required to get the word out about a new product, however there’s only so much self-promotion that can be done. After self-promotion, I think there are other ways for a company to be authentic in their approach to promote their brand through social media.

Brand Authenticity

When you’re promoting your brand through social media, it can be difficult to be authentic and original. However, there are certain companies that use their mission statement as a way to instill authenticity when promoting. For example, Patagonia is a company that does this. Patagonia’s brand is all about hiking, climbing, camping and all the other activities the outdoors have to offer. What makes Patagonia so authentic is how they promote their brand by talking about what they stand for. For instance, Patagonia campaigns for environmental causes, builds durable products using as many raw materials that are environmental friendly, invests in renewable energy and so much more. This is an example of authentic promotion because Patagonia is reaching out to consumers who also believe in saving and investing in the environment. Consumers who share the same beliefs may feel more inclined to buy Patagonia’s products.

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