Behavior Reports and Content Strategy

How to Write an SEO-Focused Content Brief Your Writers Will Love

In this article Kameron Jenkins begins by defining what content briefs are. Simply put they are instructions that help writers draft content. When we don’t have content briefs we run the risk of having content that we weren’t expecting. Specifically an SEO-focused content brief guides the writer to “target a specific search query for the purpose of earning traffic from the organic search channel.” It cannot actually be a content brief without having a search query. When creating these it is important to not target keywords with high search volume when compared to intent match. Jenkins also mentions many things to include in a content brief. A few were the format of it, the topics to cover, and the end goal for the readers. She then wraps up the article by reiterating how important teamwork is in this type of work.

Using Behavior Reports

Behavior Reports help us to see how users are actually using and navigating a website. One of the behavior reports used by Google is site search. A few of its functions are calculating the number of sessions that used a site’s search function at least once and also the number of searches before leaving the site. Another report is the behavior flow. This has “nodes, connections and exits” to show us how traffic flows through our site. These are just a few of the many behavior reports from Google but overall these are extremely beneficial in gaining user information to great content strategy.

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