Put E-Commerce Tracking To Use

What Is It?

With the use of E-Commerce tracking you are able to see and analyze the purchasing activity that is happening on your site or app. Some things you are able to see are product and transaction information, average order value, e-commerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other data. With the use of the data that e-commerce is giving you it will help and give you some very useful information for your company. You will be able to see which of your products sell well, what products are best suited for your customer base and which marketing campaigns and efforts were working best to help with your product sales. You can also see the revenue per transaction, and the number of products per transaction.

How It Works

For your company to be able to see all this valuable data, you have to enable e-commerce for each view in which you want to see that data. Then you must add the tracking code to your site or app to collect the e-commerce data and send it to Analytics. To complete this task, you need to be comfortable editing HTML and coding in JavaScript, or have help from an experienced web developer. In the article E-commerce from explainthatstuff.com they discuss how e-commerce is mainly geared around transactions that are happening on your sites and apps. They also state that e-commerce ” is about combining three different systems: a Web server that can manage an online storefront and process transactions (making appropriate links to bank computers to check out people’s credit card details), a database system that can keep a check of the items the store has in stock (constantly updating as people make orders and ideally making new orders with suppliers when stocks run low), and a dispatch system linked to a warehouse where the goods can be instantly located and sent to the buyer as quickly as possible. ” This article had many more very helpful things on how to put e-commerce to good use for your business.


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