Use SEO strategies to be the 1st on Google

How to perform SEO in terms of Google’s algorithm?

Within the industry of digital marketing, it could be our wildest dream to get our webpage to be ranked as No.1 on Google’s SERP. Is it really possible? What are some possible SEO moves you can take to facilitate or make your dream come true?

By facilitating the methods of SEO, It is possible to be able to be the 1st on the Google SERP. However, the key is that you need to have a very long keyword phrase/description for your product in your title page/web page.

For example, if you build a brand of the product that is named after your last name, it will be easier for you to be able to “outrank” any other product/webpage on Google’s SERP.

But, by using this SEO strategy, it would be unwise to expect a large amount of volume. Especially if your website/product is not known or famed within the industry. Remember that it is hard to compete for general key terms, from the industry giants. E.g: Adams’ Coffe or Coffe. The former search phrase will more than likely guide browsers to your webpage, but by inputting the latter key phrase(which is 95% of browsers will do) the first webpage on the SERP page will more likely to be industry giants, such as Starbucks.

It is possible for you to stay on the first page on the SERP in Google or other search engines. But it will largely depend on how well you can maintain and update your webpage. Try to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of keywords the users type into the search engine. Learn and examine the popular keyword phrases that were used within your industry.

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