What is there to learn from social media campaigns?

This blog post will be about the partnering of Proctor & Gamble and famous TikTok star, Charli D’amelio.

Proctor & Gamble, a company that produces items like toilet paper and toothpaste, partnered with a young famous TikTok star, Charli D’amelio, to create a social media campaign urging people to stay home during the time of this pandemic. Because of Charli’s fame on TikTok, this social media campaign took off.

Click this link to view Charli D’amelio’s net worth: https://filmdaily.co/news/charli-damelio-net-worth/

I believe the business goal of this production was to increase customer loyalty, and create an increase in first time customers. Since Charli is an influencer on a social media platform that is used by many, this was a pretty affective way of achieving this goal. This is due to the fact that Charli is promoting a good cause, and her fans are likely to follow. Or, people who may not be much aware of Proctor & Gamble, may look into the company because they teamed up with a social media icon that is spreading the encouragement to stay in and stop the spread.

My initial thought to this campaign was “this is not surprising”. A lot of Charli’s TikTok videos are promoting a company’s campaign. However, TikTok is an app that people make up dances and others follow. My gut reaction was – this video is probably watched and admired by young teens, possibly ages 10-12 (and up), are they going to do the dance to look into Proctor & Gamble’s campaign, or do the dance because Charli D’amelio did it? Most likely, because Charli did it. This type of campaign, I think, should have been posted on a platform like Facebook, where there is an older audience who pays attention to the pandemic more than young teenagers trying to learn a TikTok dance.

So what is there to learn about social media campaigns? To start, they are a good way of promoting because there is a large range of audience on social media platforms. However, it comes down to what platform to choose based on content of the campaign and the targeted audience. Social media campaigns can be very effective if used the correct way.

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