Should Online Shoppers Value Form over Function?

As an online shoppers point of view, the most convenient and appealing websites will attract customers to enjoy using the site while also returning for future purchases. This is where the form and function of the website have to be aligned to have a successful user face.

The difference between form and function:

  1. Form includes the behind the scenes set up. The layout is chosen, with strategic headlines that are understood by the target market and shows customers the direct use for the website.
  2. Function is the basic use of the website and if it is easy to navigate properly. Having a form that supports an easy user friendly website will allow the functionality of it all to make sense. Knowing exactly how the website operates will keep customers coming back.

Knowing this information it can be seen how the function of a website should be more valued by online shoppers. The function of the website is the direct experience they will receive when using the website they desire. You can see that the form of a website is set up by the company or business to create a functioning site that shoppers will know exactly how to navigate it.

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