Capturing Variables with Tagging

The ability to start using tagging and google tag manager in general allows us to find more of a meaning to what the user maybe be searching for. Setting up certain tags in a way to generate certain leads, insights and information regarding what or how the user is behaving can be beneficial and more efficient. For example, I work in hockey and more specifically a skating and skill instruction business so maybe I want to use google tag manager to see how many times users are clicking on our skills page to view sessions or our registration page to sign up. Effectively applying this information can bring forth more insight on what aspects on your web site are popular or maybe what the users are trying to find.

With many of these tags being an option and sometimes confusing when analyzing the data after the fact, the option of using certain triggers can be very helpful in organizing your data. Using such triggers like click element, click ID, click classes, form element are just a few of the triggers you can use but the more you start generating clocks the more specific you are going to want to get in analyzing these variables as every click has its own meaning. Not all clicks are the same even though it may look that way. Overall, there is a lot of value in site tagging and if you can organize your tagging in a way that can show you what is getting interest or traffic then you can quickly act on that to provide more options or info to the user. If you’re someone who has a complicated website to navigate, the simple use of tagging can bring forth more revenue and clarity.

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