Understanding Behavior can lead to Success

Why is Behavior Reporting Important?

As a business, understanding behavior reports is extremely important. Within google analytics, behavior reports allows you to look at what users are doing in various ways. Some examples are site search, site content, and events. Within site search, you can see what users are actually searching for on your site. Site content shows what is on your site and how many people are viewing it. Events shows what users are doing once they are on a specific page. For example you can see how far down the page a user is going, or you could see if they are interacting with links. Overall, these reports can show you where you may need to improve as a business.

How You Can Make User Interaction Increase.

In an article by Daisy Quaker, she explains how marketers can improve upon their blog traffic. Obviously, the more that people are interacting with your blog, the more likely they are to visit your site and possibly buy products. She explains that even when the products you are trying to sell may be boring, it is the marketers job to try and reel in as many people as possible. Some strategies that she recommended include, sponsoring events, writing like you, and using social media. By sponsoring events, people who are attending the event are directed towards the blog which automatically increases traffic. Since it is an event that they are attending, they will most likely be interested in the subject of the blog which will lead to more interaction. When she says writing like you, she simply means to write with your own voice. By doing this, the blog will resonate with a greater group of people. Lastly, using social media will give the marketer the information that people want to know. By seeing what people are having trouble with, the marketer will be able to make a blog that answers the questions that people have. All of these techniques are great ways to increase traffic on the blog, and the website.


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