Social Media Promotion

Social media is an incredible tool for growing awareness for a brand, and brands shouldn’t be afraid to use it. Social media has changed the game for organizations looking to grow their brand for minimal cost. Small businesses especially are being given a unique opportunity to grow their audience and allow their business to succeed.

In terms of authenticity, brands can be authentic through their social media marketing by sticking to their values. It’s definitely possible for social media posts to be authentic, even from bigger brands, and it’s clear to audiences when content comes from a place of authenticity.

Bigger companies can sometimes run into trouble when they try to use social causes or current events to promote their own products. Often, these types of promotions come from a less than authentic place, and the public can tell. Taking advantage of social movements in this way can cause controversy, and take away from the overall message of the social cause.

As we discussed earlier this week when looking through negative comments on our brands’ social media pages, there’s a fine line between speaking out to support these causes and taking advantage of it.

With the right strategies and values, brands can have an effective and ethical promotional social media campaign.

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