Social Media in Self Promotion & Authenticity

Should brands halt their self-promotion on social media platforms for more authenticity? There are several reasons why this is an important way for brands to self-promote.

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Some important factors of using social media to self-promote:

  • Brands want their customers and new customers to know what they’re about. Social media gives brands an opportunity to be honest with their customers.
  • It is important to keep some authenticity in your content to create more engaging content, however building customers to fans is important so they support your brand in the future.
  • Brands are able to show people where to find them and when their next shipment will be coming to stores or promote new material they are launching etc.
  • By giving promo codes and creating special features for your followers, you’re likely to gain more business from your customers. Additionally, making your customers feel special is important for the buyer and seller relationship.

I believe that if brands halt their self-promotion, they won’t see many new customers. In addition, they won’t have as much business overall.

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