Spotify Social Media Campaign

Spotify Wrapped Gut Reaction:

My gut reaction to this ad is excitement, as I am an active Spotify user and this new data is very interesting. I like knowing who the main people I have been listening to. It also tells you how much music you’ve used within a year. This really shows me the importance of music as I’m always listen to Spotify and had some high numbers. Having this information all wrapped into one large data pile accessible by the user is great for users. I also feel like they are taking a lot more data though that we may might not be aware of. This makes me very skeptical as I’m not sure if they are sharing my personal information with others. Overall, I think Spotify has really come up with a great campaign by doing this.

Relive Your Year in Music With Spotify Wrapped 2018 — Spotify

Business Goal:

The business goal for Spotify was to create a buzz around the app while getting all the users excited for the data. This also allowed influencers to see how many people might be listening to them which helped them gain even more recognition. The main goal for Spotify was to have users be promoting the app themselves by sharing their results on social media. This gave Spotify great recognition as many people would share their results all over social media, especially influencers. This showed that giving information about the users in a fun way, that was visually pleasing. This is a great way to get users to be excited and share their results creating more buzz.

Spotify 2019 Wrapped — a design masterstroke | Music streaming app, Spotify,  Spotify premium

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