Email Advertising and its Purpose

Why Collect Customer Emails?

As the years go on must companies have accounts for their customers and multiple ways they can spread information. This often brings up the question of why even bother sending out email advertisements and are they worth it. The simple answer is yes although most high end companies like Apple or big purchases like car companies wont send you emails. This has more to do with their business approach rather than whether email advertising is worth it for them. For example Apple has a certain level of prestige where they prefer you to come to them and rather the opposite which is why you’ll rarely see them using low level advertising like emails. On the other hand Amazon wouldn’t miss a chance to send you an email about a product, for them email advertising is pretty perfect.

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Is Email Advertising dead?

For me email as a communication service besides business is dead replaced by texting and social media sites like Facebook. That isn’t even a real problem for email advertising as all companies need is for you to check your email. It’s like seeing advertisements on a website, they don’t include a form for messaging on them because all they need you to do is visit the site and see their advertisement then the rest is entirely in your hands. I also then think its fair to say that if you live in a first world country and are over the age of 10, you have an email. A company would be dumb to just ignore this massive market. This is due to circumstances as schools having their own email domain and I had one made in 4th grade. Business people are checking their emails about 10 times or more a day and for you it costs virtually nothing to send emails you only have the expense of how you acquired them. Email isn’t dead it has just changed due to other options being better for friendly communication and email being seen as a more business appropriate way of communicating.

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