Applying STP to Email Campaigns

The company that I am choosing to write about is Panera Bread. Panera is a very famous fast food chain that most users don’t consider as “fast food”. Their menu has a lot of fresh options, and is viewed by their customers as a healthy alternative to other fast food chains. The two segments that I would divide the two groups into is demographics (age, gender, etc.) and lifestyle.

Communication through Emails

First off, starting with demographics, the way we would communicate with different age groups would be different. We know that for the younger generation, no one likes to read a lot. When they get an email, they want to get right to the point. The subject of the email that is sent should start off with “30% off your next purchase” so their attention is grabbed. For the older generation, the same thing applies, but they are more inclined to read more than the younger generation. Adding a little bit more to emails as far as specials, or new items would be beneficial. For the lifestyle aspect, we want to send emails to those who prefer a healthier lifestyle. This applies to athletes, fitness lovers and health conscious individuals. Writing in our emails that our food is healthy for you, by adding evidence such as ingredients, would be a great tactic to use.

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