STP Applied to Email Campaigns

AllBirds Shoes STP

AllBirds shoes focuses on elevating their eco-consciousness. It is their main focus in their marketing campaigns. According to AllBirds shoes they use planet-friendly natural materials, like merino wool and eucalyptus from trees. AllBirds shoes are similar to the typical running or walking shoes. They strive towards the audience who are eco friendly and focuses on cleaning the earth. Audience segments focus is on the sustainability and environmental impact of products.

Behaviors List

Behavior data shows marketers the people who interact with the site. I want to know if people who believe in eco friendly products who purchase shoes. Next, I want to look into customers and their different buying habits. For an example, will they buy our products over the competitors. With an understanding of behavior data and targeting we can direct our ads towards those who have purchased the products. People who hold items in their carts, I would encourage them to purchase these items. By sending ads to these people to purchase their items will increase company sales.

Lifestyle Traits List

Lifestyle Traits shows marketers the consumers hobbies. I am interested to know if people are buying my shoes for running or for walking. With an understanding in their lifestyle traits and behavior traits we can direct our advertising towards those who run or walk for a hobby. To increase sales, we would send ads to people who have already viewed our products.

The use of segmentation, targeting, and positioning allow companies to gain information about their new and existing customers.

The Marketer’s Guide to Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning (

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