Applying STP at Panera Bread

The STP Model and My Segments

STP is an approach companies use so that they can create the most efficient and effective target markets. The three parts to the STP model are segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Segmenting refers to splitting up the audience into smaller groups based on demographics, psychographics, behavior and much more. Once we have our segments we have to decide which ones we should target, or go after. The last concept is positioning where we have to put a product out there in a way that appeals to consumers more than similar products. Panera Bread is a well known food chain with locations all over the US. If I had to segment the audience into two lists I would have (1) People that are looking for healthy food options and (2) People that want food quick and on the go.

Communicating With My Segments

Since I have two different segments, I clearly have to communicate with them in different ways. For my healthy option group I would include information in the emails about nutritional facts, the fresh ingredients they use, and where the food comes from. For the group of people that are just looking for a quick bite to eat, I would have to target them in a different way. I would include information on their rapid pick up service. People can order their food online and pick it up when they need it without having to wait in line. These are just two of the many potential segments Panera has but it is so important to recognize the segments so there are benefits for everyone.

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