Subtle Social Media Campaigns: Spotify Wrapped

Image from Spotify – For the Record

No matter how many differences people may have, something that we can all relate to is a love for music. Music is often an integral part of culture, and is a very popular way of expressing ourselves. And because of this, music is a great thing to use when marketing your brand. Spotify uses this approach yearly in their “Spotify Wrapped” social media campaigns, in which they compile and share data with their users about their personal listening habits throughout the years. There are two main factors that make this campaign successful, in my opinion. The first factor is that it doesn’t necessarily come across as a marketing campaign. And the second is that it engages Spotify’s users, and relies largely on user generated content.

How to use these factors to optimize your social media campaigns

Looking into each of these factors, we can see how this approach can help create great social media campaigns. When you think of a social media marketing campaign, you might automatically think of a brand pushing a product or service on their social media pages, making it obvious what they are trying to get you to do. You might not be expecting them to offer you personalized data about something you have already done. In my opinion, this is what makes Spotify’s “Spotify Wrapped” social media campaign unique and effective. Customers don’t assume that the brand is trying to sell them something, so it automatically seems less transactional than more traditional campaigns. This helps the campaign come across as more authentic and natural, and customers are more likely to respond well.

This leads into the second point. Because Spotify users are more likely to respond well to the campaign, they are also likely to share their results through social media. This spreads the brand’s message further, and subtly tells their friends and followers that they should download the app in order to participate in the fun, and get their own personalized results. This is probably what Spotify was going for with this campaign, and I’m sure they had plenty of success. These are just a few ways that social media campaigns can seem more authentic. Because social media is now an essential part of marketing, you want your campaigns to get the best results possible. The “Spotify Wrapped” campaign is just one example, but offers plenty of useful takeaways.

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