Spotify #2019Wrapped: Social Media Campaign

Spotify Campaign Gut Reaction

I personally participated in the #2019Wrapped campaign, and I was a big fan of it. Streaming music is a big part of my day, and platforms like Spotify have made it a very personalized experience. This campaign took it to the next level by providing personalized data for its users in the form of infographics. These included your listening preferences on it formatted for social media. This way users could share their listening summaries on social media and use the #2019Wrapped hashtag. This promoted the campaign, and encouraged other people to do the same.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Reveals Your Streaming Trends, from 2010 to Now —  Spotify

Business Goal

The goal of this campaign was to get their service trending on social media to create awareness and reinforce brand loyalty. It also provided incentive for users of competing services like Apple Music to make the switch to their service. It did this by using social media to show off how personalized the Spotify user experience is. The data that was used for this campaign is a larger representation of how Spotify provides personalized listening experiences, like daily mixes, which are brief playlists designed around your listening prefrences and separated by genre. Since streaming services all offer essentially the same thing, Spotify uses data to personalize user experience to set themselves apart from the competition. I think this ad campaign did a good job of reinforcing that idea.

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