Targeting Your Audience

Who is your Audience?

You can’t reach an audience without first knowing who that audience is. In today’s age that has become easier with all our technology such as cookies and exact matching. You can have an idea of who you want to reach and who you want to see your product but you need to reach them somehow. Right now your audience has no face, no address, and no real persona. They are just an idea. But once you use the internet to connect with and find your audience they become real people and they become your users. Who are these people? You need to find who you’re targeting with ranges of ages, areas, likes and using those. The internet and machine learning is there to help you.

Making it easy for us.

“Dynamic prospecting uses machine learning to predict which feed items prospective buyers are looking for.” If you can help identify with your users technology can help carry you to them. If I’m a hockey apparel company and there’s kids that are constantly looking at hockey equipment I am more likely to show up on their feed. Through audience targeting they could see me as their ad between videos and could be interested in my product and are more likely to click on it because I already know they are interested in hockey.

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