Targeting Your Audience

Finding your Audience

The rapid increase in digital marketing makes for extremely competitive markets. One way to get ahead of your competitors, and be efficient with your work, is to focus on specific target audiences. You need to take the time to dial in and ensure you’re marketing the right group of people. You want to make sure you know the basic demographics, lifestyles, and passions of who is checking out your product. From there you can adjust and reassure you’re focusing on the right audience. The google support page highlights the importance of this by saying, “Audience targeting can boost your campaign’s performance by reaching people browsing websites, using apps, or watching videos.” Bottom line is that if you’re not taking advantage of audience targeting, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

How Does it Work?

At this point we know that an audience is a group of people that share similar demographics and interests. So the question becomes how are you able to target them digitally? Luckily google analytics does a great job estimating this data for anyone through affinity audience and cookies…no, not the ones you eat. Cookies track all of the data you need in order to target affinity categories. “Affinity audiences have demonstrated a qualified passion in a given topic, allowing advertisers to reach the people that matter most with their products or offerings.” You are able to group an audience together by selecting a wide range of categories (sports fans, car shoppers, etc.) from people who have visited your website or app. These categories help you target the audience you are looking for and let you focus in on a specific group of individuals.

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