The Brilliance of the Spotify Wrapped Campaign

Spotify’s Wrapped campaign is a perfect example of an effective social media campaign, that is easily shareable across multiple platforms. What makes this campaign especially effective is that it uses personalized data based totally on what Spotify is able to collect every time the listener chooses a song. As a result of the highly personalized nature of the Wrapped campaign, users will do most of the work sharing their results and exposing the campaign to more people on that social media platform.

What is the goal of this campaign?

I think that the business goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of Spotify as a brand, which is best represented by the fact that it is a yearly campaign. In addition to not having to do a lot of promotion for this campaign, Spotify is now able to use this campaign annually. Spotify rolls out this campaign at the end of every year during the holiday season, which is when they have their highest increase in subscriptions. In 2019, Spotify saw an 5% increase in subscriptions in Europe during quarter 4. The highly personalized nature of this campaign and its highly sharable nature, combined with its annual premise make this an effective social media marketing campaign to build awareness of Spotify as a brand.

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