The Cookie Monster know’s more about you than you think…

What are Cookies?

Have you ever gone into a website and seeing a pop-up that said “careful, all of your actions are being recorded and monitored by this website?”. If you answered yesterday question, then you have experienced cookies firsthand. Cookies are a great way to build affinity audiences. When a website tracks your location, your name, your IP address and many other things, they are compiling data to be interpreted into the Form of information so that the website owner can better target, or focus on weak points in their infrastructure or strategy.

What is An Affinity Audience?

An affinity audience is a very useful compilation of information. The way to create a strong website Is by understanding who your target audience is, and who is actually using your site. If you release a dance bag for example, and you find that football players are buying it more than dancers, then you might consider rebranding. Knowing what cities your website is popular into is also very important. If you have any interest in making sales, or opening storefront, then using your affinity audience information will greatly benefit you.

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