McDonald’s Everlasting Campaign

The Magical Golden Arch

McDonald’s is known by everyone from the golden arches in their logo. There are also many other things McDonald’s is known for with their campaign but since times are changing we will talk about their most recent campaigns. Their most recent slogans are “Hands Full”, “Grown up”, and “It Must Be” trying to make it the quickest way possible for families to get food. These slogans are used in their television advertisements. McDonalds came up with these new slogans to inform people on what they have to offer now. For example, McDonalds has introduces kiosks where you can order food making it much faster timing to get your food because you don’t have to wait in line if there is one. Below there is a link to the new campaign ideas and the actual ads.

Multiple Channel Campaigns

McDonalds came out with the campaign called “Search It” back in 2007 which was an ad showing a person google searching where the best coke is. This brought them to the McDonalds page because they are known for having the best tasting soda. There are multiple ways that McDonald’s will pop up while people are google searching that will bring them back to the McDonald’s page. Having so many different advertisements will get McDonalds stuck in someones head so when they need a quick bite to eat it will trigger their memory and they will be more likely to go to McDonald’s. As a company they have done a good job tagging keywords that people search for such as “Best Coke” and McDonald’s will pop up. Using the words “Best Coke” don’t necessarily relate to McDonald’s but that’s how they can get new consumers to start eating at their place. Also putting in a link back to their website for all of their advertisements is smart because people will go to their website and see all of the new things they have to offer.

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