Targeting with Custom Affinity Audiences

What is audience targeting?

It is a way to reach people based on their interests, habits, what they are actively searching, and how they interact with your business. Once you figure out what your audience’s interests and habits are, you can define who you want to target for a specific ad group or campaign. There are four campaign types with audience types to match. They are display, search, video, and hotel. Audience targeting can improve your business’ performance and give more insight into who your customers are.

How it can benefit your business

Through the use of cookies, you can collect detailed information on those that visit your site. As long as they are allowing cookies, you can find out what affinity group they belong to, where they’re from, what language they speak, and even more. After you analyze the data collected, you can design an ad group or a campaign that matches your audience and gives them what they actually want.

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