The Importance of Google Tag Manager.

What does site tagging do?

Google tag manager does many things that can help you’re business. Site tagging is a great way to see what parts of your website is getting the most notice. With this you can see how long the site is viewed, how far down the site is scrolled, and can track clicks on videos, as well as other things. If a tag is put onto a website, this information can be seen by whoever tags the website. Triggers can be placed on these sites that inform you when certain things happen. Overall this tool is really useful for the success of a website.

How Google Tag Manager can improve your business.

Google tag manager has many features that can help improve a business. After a site is linked to Google Tag Manager, there are a lot of tags that can be set to help see information. It helps website owners see what ares of a site can be improved, or removed. You can see how many clicks each selection of a site has, and there are endless aspects of your site that can be tracked. Another great aspect of this is seeing how long videos have been watched. This allows you to see if people are watching an entire video or just certain parts. Overall Google Tag Manager is a very useful tool that can be very instrumental to a business.

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