The Importance of Site Tagging

What is Site Tagging?

Site tagging is a great way to track what the areas of your website are getting hits and for how long, how far the user scrolls, and if the user clicks on a certain video. This information allows the person who has placed a tag on the website to receive the information on the users and potentially improve certain aspects of the website based on what the tagging results indicate. A great platform that provides site tagging capabilities is Google Tag Manager. This resource allows the user to place tags on webpages in a relatively easy fashion.

How Site Tagging Can Improve Your Business

Site Tagging has many ways that it can contribute to further success of a company. For example, if you were wondering what aspects of your site should be improved, but didn’t exactly know where, you could use Google Tag Manager to find those areas. It would tell you how many clicks each section received and with more variables turned on in Tag Manager, you could track finite aspects of your website, such as how far the user scrolled, or even how long a video was watched. This could in turn contribute to site improvement, by adding a more captivating video if the video isn’t viewed at a high rate or viewed for its duration. It could also provide information on what authors are the most read or what topics are most interesting to the user and decisions could be made off of that information.

For more information on Google Tag Manager, watch the video below!

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