Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email is no longer the “golden age of marketing” like it used to be. More often than not emails get filtered into separate folders like spam and promotions. Some apps even give you the option to unsubscribe if you haven’t opened a companies email in awhile. If the marketing barely reaches the consumer, what’s the point? Unfortunetly, email has taken away the idivualism of marketing. Instead of sending mail that is geared towards you companies are sending the same mass email to all of their costumers.

Email marketing is not always a dead end. Luckily, many companies have found a way to revolutionize the way they send emails. Previously it was stated that companies lose about 2% of customers each time they send an email, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Utilizing promotions, discounts, and clever headlines can optimize these remarketing campaigns.

Through the methods described by Larry Kim companies can use these remarketing tactics to reach responsive viewers. The use of ethical data collection allows companies to filter out what type of emails pertain to each costumer. This approach of targeting individuals with specific promotions like, “we see you left something in your cart here’s a coupon”, is proven to be much more effective. By doing this companies cut out the unnecessary inbox flooding mail that generally annoys costumers. Less frequent, more direct, emails keep costumers more engaged. This engagement means they’re more likely to actually open them and take action. These tactics can help increase engagement and revitalize email marketing, making it a worthwhile investment.

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