The Past and Future of Search Console


Google Search Console is a tool that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s preference in Google Search results. Search Console is most recommended for site administrators, web developers, and business owners.

The Main Event

The new Google Search Console has been completely rebuilt and is evidently much more user friendly. SEO companies are now able to identify and fix potential problems as well as filter multiple variables at a time so that you don’t have to keep switching from option to option. The new search console also gives you the ability to obtain up to 12-16 months of data which is far better than the old version, which only allowed 3 months.

The old console offered valuable insight into how people were accessing your site but did not allow you to do so in a way that quickly enabled you to recognize and resolve any technical issues. The old search allowed you to see things like clicks, impressions, and click through rates, but you could only choose one option at a time.

So, why should we care about the new search console? Well, reader, I’m glad you asked! The top benefits of using search console include: Seeing exactly who is talking about you, Find details that could be hurting your visibility, Tell Google what pages to index, Get instant alerts on when your site is experiencing a problem, and it’s totally free! Basically if you want your site to be successful and to help you optimize your search performance; Search Console should be your first stop on your way to SEO.

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