Old vs. New Search Console


Search Console allows you to monitor your site and manage your site’s performance in Google Search. Google is currently aiming to replace the Legacy tools with new ones that take the old tools to a whole new level.

Benefits of New Search Console

The new search console offers a variety of benefits that aim to make life easier for its users. In the article shown below, there are five new tools that make the change worth it for the user and a list of the old tools that have been removed/improved. One new tool is Crawl Errors in Index Coverage Report, which allows the user to find and fix their problems much faster than they could have with the Legacy tools available. Another useful tool is Sitemaps Data in Index Coverage Report, which allows the user to track URLs submitted in Sitemap files. With these new tools, Google also offers users the chance to view data over the past 16 months, rather than just three months. The new tools give detailed reports about specific pages and makes search console mobile friendly, which allows users to access their site’s information easily.


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