How Important is a Tag?

When we say tag, we do not mean a price tag of a product. It is crazier than that and we don’t even see it because it’s embedded into a website, (EX: HTML). You can essentially tag anything you want on your website to get the results you want to improve based on the users activities and tendencies.

In my opinion, I think tags are most important to add when you see data. Furthermore, when that data is telling a story that does not lead to the result you want. For example, we talked about the good merchandise store last Friday in class. One of the topics that was brought up was when you add a product to the cart. If there are a lot of customers adding items to the cart, you would expect them to go further and buy them right? Well, that doesn’t happen nearly as much a company would want. But adding an item to the cart essentially tells the story that they are going to buy it. However, that is not always the end result. To figure out what is happening and why, adding a tag to the cart would be a good way to find out in depth what the users are really doing.

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