Be Proactive

Defensive Corporate Responses

Defensive corporate responses are the minimum a company can do and are in response to pressing matters. The issue was not addressed before it escalated. When defensive corporate responses occur, they are usually to put out a fire to minimize the loss of customers. It is not the best look, as it usually means that the company did not find this situation to be problematic until it was pointed out by the public and its threatening the success of the company.

Proactive corporate responses

Proactive corporate responses are when companies realize a wrongdoing or a flaw before it is pointed out by the public or published. They are reviewing their content to ensure that it is appropriate and cannot be offensive to others in any way. This is preventing the fire, and is key to a successful business. 


Famous singer Camila Cabello’s tweets from when she was fifteen recently surfaced. They were outrightly racist, using slurs and stereotypes. Cabello gave a defensive corporate response, not addressing it until it was publicly known. However, all she could promise was to not do it again and blamed it on her age and lack of education. It seems less genuine that this apology only came when the tweet was publicly blasted and was not proactive in the slightest.

She stated the following response on Twitter:

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