The Importance of Creativity in Data Studio

Is Creativity a Necessity?

Being creative is always a benefit when working with presenting data in a visual way, however I don’t think it is a make or break when creating useful reports. With a web based service like Data Studio, there are many baked-in features that allow you to show data in an appealing way without needing to be overtly creative. Being able to show your data in a way that is both pleasant and effective takes knowledge of the program and practice using its tools. Everyone has the capability to make reports that are visually appealing, it’s just a matter of putting in the right effort.

Leveraging Data Studio

Data studio has many options for presenting data built into the program. Although it might be difficult initially to understand, with practice you can begin to take the visualizations further. There are a variety of customized themes that are easy to choose to help ensure that, “your reports are visually attractive and stylistically coherent“. Having bright, consistent colors and a good layout helps to bring a visualization to the next level. With these ready-to-use layouts accessible to everyone, as long as you know where to find it there will always be a way to make your report more appealing. Pre-made templates are also an option if it is too difficult to create your own. With these templates you can have, “attractive, fully functioning report in seconds“. There are always limitations and it can be daunting to try to present data without being a creative person, but having enough knowledge and practice can help overcome those barriers.

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