Google Analytics Goal Types: Visit Duration Goals

Google Analytics offers four ways that a business owner can track goals. URL’s, time, pages/visit and events. This blog post will specifically focus on the time way to track goals akak duration.

Visit Duration goals is the a simple way of goal setting. You use this goal to track how many people are visiting your site and how long they are staying. If you want to break it down even further you can choose a duration of time of the day, for example from 1pm to 3pm, and see how many people visit during that time. Based on what type of cite you have you can choose whether you want the visit to last longer or shorter than the threshold that is provided. Now google analytics provides a lot of information but unfortunately it doesn’t collect when someone really leaves your site, just when they leave the page. So based on when they leave one page and go to the next you can do some math and see how long they were on a page, for example someones cart page and the confirm purchase page. So if you goal is to have X amount of people visit the cart page and the confirm purchase page you can use google analytics to determine that.

This would be beneficial to for our project digital page because there are a lot of articles on this site. By flipping from one page to another you can see how long they were on that article and with page scrolling you can see how much they read. By tracking these goals you can see what author is getting the most readers or you can see what topics the readers are more interested than others. This will really allow for better develop of blog posts in the future.

The other goals listed on the site are also very helpful. Event goals will probably be the more complicated of the four but nonetheless this can really help project digital produce more articles based on what the audience likes.

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