What A/B testing can do for you

What is A/B testing?

An A/B test is a randomized experiment that involves two or more variants of the same web page. Once you have set up a test with two or more variants, set objectives, and specified your target, you will collect data. You then analyze that data and determine if those changes should be implemented on your page. The key is to start with small changes like changing the color of something.

How to create an A/B test

Have you ever wondered how certain aspects of your site affect traffic and consumer engagement? Through A/B testing, you can see how they affect your site. Once you have developed a hypothesis about how to solve a problem you see with your site, you create an A/B test. You then create variants (original page and original page with changes) and set objectives. What are you trying to measure? Is it clicks, scroll depth, duration? You decide. Last, set your target. In the who section, you will want to pick a percentage of users that you want to see the page with changes. I would suggest 50% so that you know the variants are evenly shown. You will also want to set when the users will see the changed page. For example, you can set it so that they will see it when the URL matches.

Creating a good hypothesis

Below is an article about how to create a good hypothesis.


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