What is Fair Trade?

Many consumers will look over the term, or wonder what that company is referring to. Essentially, Fair Trade is a trade model designed to help producers in developing countries to achieve sustainable trade relationships. In simpler terms, it ensures that the workers on the farms, where ingredients are obtained from by companies, to workers are treated fairly, and are paid for the work they do. Starbucks is a big company that emphasizes this design. Starbucks does pay premiums to make sure they’re product is coming from good hands. This design also helps farmers utilize and grow they’re crops more effectively, at a lesser cost. In addition, Starbucks mission is to me the most environmentally friendly as possible. This trade design plays a big role in that on top of using plastic as little as possible – so, providing reusable cups, having cups that don’t use straws, and supporting technologies that limit the use of plastic. This cite https://www.starbucks.com/responsibility/sourcing/coffee provides more information on the topic of fair trade with Starbucks. There are the consumers out there that don’t typically care where the ingredients in their purchased goods are coming from, but they should. Being environmentally friendly is on the up and up. Many companies are doing it, and benefitting from it – which in whole, increases their rankings. Hopefully soon, many companies will be involved with this design that it will be “normal” to have products from farms where workers are treated fairly. Why use this design? well, it benefits the farmers, the companies using this design, and people’s health. The company is sure that they’re ingredients are coming from good places, therefore they can share that insight on the consumers, now the consumer is aware of where the ingredients are coming from. This design has already grown so much, and will continue to grow as more companies adopt this practice. As previously stated, everyone is benefitting from this- the farmer, the company, the consumer.

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