Can I Catch Your Eye?

The superior gear for all your 2020 adventures!

In Neil Patel’s video, he says that headlines between six and seven words tend to do the best. This is because they have enough information without part of the headline being cut off. He also advises people to add in the year, as it tells the audience that your product is new and fresh. I know that my reader base is typically adventurous, as the clothing line is for those who have active lifestyles in different environments. The adjective superior tells the audience that my gear is better than its competitors.

The secret behind affordable, durable activewear.

The headline is once again 6-7 words as suggested by Patel. I used a copy blogger headline formula for this headline. I feel that the word secret naturally provokes the reader to click the blog out of wanting to be in on the secret, as well. I put in the adjective affordable and durable to describe the activewear, because knowing my reader base, I know that the product needs to be equipt for many environments and levels of activity. Affordable also tells the reader that for its value, it is well priced.

Looking for the newest most comfortable activewear?

Once again, this headline is between 6-7 words. Yet, this one poses a question to the audience. If they are looking for new and comfortable activewear (which almost all people purchasing activewear will be), then their solution will be found with one click. This was also a template from copy blogger headlines. Newest is similar to using the year, as it makes people feel that this item is the freshest and hottest one on the market. My audience is a group of devoted people, always looking for the most comfortable and newly designed product to suit their needs.

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