Is Too Much Self Promotion Social Media Suicide?

Too much self-promotion is not beneficial on Instagram. Oversharing (if done poorly) will produce bad results In fact, Instagram developers actively discourage it. This doesn’t mean you can’t show pictures of your product and your product in use. Just make them interesting so they can work for you. Celebrities tend to self promote their products on Instagram all of the time.

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Since Instagram is a mobile application, it makes it difficult for companies to use Instagram as their main channel. Social media influencers also make it hard for consumers to believe in the authenticity of the brand. When self promoting you don’t want the consumer to think that you don’t care about them.

Social media promotion allows consumers to understand your brand’s purpose and to be able learn more about your brand. Companies need to be aware that yes they are selling products, and want to make revenue, but that it’s important to be authentic in order to gain consumer loyalty and trust.

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