The Ad that got me

The most recent digital ad that I can remember interacting with is one for a longboard. I had been looking for a longboard for awhile and I clicked around a couple of websites to see the different qualities and prices. I was in-between two of them so I had decided to not make a purchase, until I knew which one was the one I really wanted. However, it was late at night when I was talking with my friend, who has a longboard, that I spontaneously decided I was going to buy one right then and there. I opened my laptop and searched “longboard”. The first ad that I noticed on the search results page was the longboard I had looked at before from Tillys. So I clicked on the ad, which then took me to the website and I bought the longboard. The reasons I think I was so quick to go through with the purchases at that instance are because it was a product that I had looked into before, the price was cheaper than the opposing board I was debating on getting, and I was going into the search process with an intent to buy. Overall, I think that interaction and transaction that I went through as a customer is great example of remarketing.

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