What’s New With Google Search Console

This day an age we are constantly surrounded by change, whether its new technology, new designs, new updates for old technology, or new software. Google is constantly updating their platform, bots, and search console. Google search console tools and reports help track site’s search traffic, performance, fix issues, and make your site stand out to people searching.

Original Console

Google’s Search Console tool has always been a vital tool for all website owners. It allows website owners to work on their SEO free of cost. This really helps out business owners or anyone who has a website, but the old console had some negative features. For example, the old console did not allow users to keep data for more than four months. Another negative feature of the old search console kept the Index Status and Blocked Resources were separate which made navigating the search console cumbersome, this was changed in the new version of Google Search Console that I will talk about in the next section.

Improved Console

There are a number of new features to Googles search console, and a few new features that consist of the previous version that have been improved.  The four main features that Google has added are Index Coverage, Search Performance, AMP Status, and Job Postings. Index Coverage allows users to see what pages Google has pulled in from their bots web into the index. Search Performance offers users 16 months of data rather than the original version which only allowed users 90 days. Another feature of the Index Coverage is that Google will help show users how to solve problems with their web pages which is a pretty cool feature. AMP status will help and allow users to track their AMP performance which shows how well your website is being displayed and if they are having any errors with their site.

Which Is better

With the new features added to the new search console and the upgrading of the old version, the new version is more user friendly and will help site owners get the most/best out of their site. But it is also a question of preference, some users will prefer the old interface better than the new because its what they are used to and some will prefer the new interface because it improves ease of use.

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